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Tim Cook once sent a letter to express profound gratitude to Master Chang for his groundbreaking contribution to Gen-AI e-Pen Calligraphy on Apple iPad.



Chang Ben Huang, a renowned calligraphy master from Taiwan, currently serves as a professor in the Department of Chinese Literature at TKU. Additionally, he holds positions as the Director of the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center at TKU, Director of the Calligraphy Research Room, and President of the Republic of China Calligraphy Society. Master Chang also serves as the Chairman of the International Calligraphy Association and the Chairman of the Taiwan e-Pen Calligraphy and Painting Association.

Master Chang has received numerous accolades, including the Social Education Medal from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China, the Gold Medal from the National Museum of History, the Global Chinese Culture Heritage Award from the Republic of China Senior Youth Business Association, and the Art Calligraphy Award from the China Literary and Art Association. Over the years, he has been featured on the educational program "Everyday Characters" on Chinese Television System Inc. (CTS), where he has been writing in standard characters designated by the Ministry of Education for nearly 20 years.

Master Chang has held solo exhibitions in Japan, Taiwan, and various locations in Southeast Asia on more than ten occasions. He was selected as one of the "Top Ten Calligraphy Figures of the Year" in 2010 in China and received the Commendation Award from the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan in 2023.

Calligraphy Master Chang Ben Huang is actively involved in promoting the digitization, NFT and AI generation of Traditional Chinese brush calligraphy. His efforts include the development of the "AI e-Pen Calligraphy & Painting System," which brings traditional brush calligraphy into the digital, NFT and AI realms.  Apple CEO Tim Cook once sent a letter of appreciation to Master Chang for his significant contribution to this endeavor since Master Chang put Gen-AI e-Pen Calligraphy on Apple iPad.

Currently, Professor Chang, leading a dedicated team, is working on the development of several innovative systems: Standard Grass Treasure Box System, Masterpiece Formation System, Beauty Traces System, Freehand Writing System, 3D Spatial Calligraphy System, etc.

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