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Tokyo-based project "ZIPANGART" proposes designs that blend the unique worldviews of Japanese culture and street style.


ZIPANGART, A project that started in Tokyo in 2014., with the fusion of street culture and Japonism as its central theme. Drawing inspiration from street culture elements such as music and sports, ZIPANGART proposes new designs that blend a unique worldview. Actively engaging in collaborations with various artists, ZIPANGART not only serves the function of clothing but also provides an experiential value as a "wearable art piece."

The logo of ZIPANGART, featuring the Yatagarasu (a crow with three legs), is a recurring figure in Japanese mythology, known as the god of guidance. The sentiment behind ZIPANGART's logo is to "guide people to good places and bring them happiness." The design is crafted with the intention of becoming a catalyst for you to visit your familiar places with "a slightly happier than usual" mood.

In this collaboration with DMKTZ, a collection is presented featuring "ORIGAMI/ 降神 ," the world champion of freestyle basketball, as a special guest.


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ORIGAMI is a Japanese freestyle basketball duo that has won numerous freestyle basketball tournaments, and was crowned the world's number one freestyle basketball player in 2009. "ZiNEZ a.k.a KAMIKAZE" has won the Japan championships 3 times(2008,2009,2013) while japan being the most respected freestyle basketball country in the world. The Duo has won many other competitions world wide till this date.

"Lee", ZiNEZ's mentor since he was 16 years old, and the first Japanese champion.who is now a judging at international tournaments worldwide.  They perform at freestyle basketball tournaments, halftime shows at basketball games and events, and teach freestyle basketball to celebrities and idols.

Since their formation, they have continued to set the trend of freestyle basketball from Japan to the world up to this date.


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