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Merging elements from cyberpunk and surrealism, EQUINOZ skillfully weaves narratives into his creations. 

Mark Chang, also known as Equinoz , is a prominent figure in the online realm, specializing in experimental 3D creations. His works are renowned for their intricate delicate and blend of reality and the virtual, exuding a realistic futuristic aesthetics.

With a young age, Mark has displayed a mature and commanding presence in his artwork, impressing with his extraordinary attention to detail and textural finesse. Merging elements from cyberpunk and surrealism, he skillfully weaves narratives into his creations. Often presenting multiple perspectives within a single frame, Mark's thoughtful craftsmanship becomes evident as viewers explore various angles. His meticulous control of the visuals and the overarching storyline is apparent through his artworks.

In this fast-paced, technology-driven era of visual imagery, CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) characters have effectively blurred the boundaries between the virtual and the real. They not only hold a significant place in visual arts but have also seamlessly integrated into real-life experiences, expanding the realm of creative possibilities.


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