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"Preserving mankind with art through pure focus on happiness, love, and hope."

In January of 2021, Paul suffered intracerebral hemorrhage caused by arteriovenous malformation and depression. Overnight at the age of 33, epilepsy and Alexia became Paul’s new normal, as though he had crossed from one dimension to another. 6 years, 5 international start-up companies, Paul had his achievements through different continents: fashion production, advertisement and to the world of technology. It all seemed unreal, speaking was difficult, reading & writing was almost impossible.

“During my awakening in between consciousness and subconsciousness, life and death, true enlightenment was led by the tunnel of light/Tao/God. Creating is my way to express my gratitude for rebirth and enlightenment. Two years battling depression, for the first time in my life, I found love for myself. I create for freedom and happiness. Exploring the unknown that is hidden in human brains, healing humans through the exploration between creation, love and happiness is the statement of my art” - Paul Brain

“A central control of all the matters in our universe, through me as an amplifier. If there is you, then there is me. You and I are everything. I’m bringing the focus back to humankind, and a purpose. The true limitless future is within the human brain, not AI. I want to preserve mankind with my art. Pure focus on happiness, love, and hope. Let’s shift our focus to being part of this universe, seeking enlightenment through our surroundings. What is time if we can’t focus on our present? I can’t be sure if I will still be breathing in the next moment, I will focus on my most present before I am ready to move on to the next.” – Paul Brain. 

Paul Brain x DMKTZ

"Inspired by the philosophy of Paul Brain, we have created a fashion line that explores and expresses the deep connection between humanity and the universe. Each piece symbolizes the concept of central control and player, reflecting our understanding and respect for all things in the universe. The design incorporates the philosophy of 'If there is you, there is me,' emphasizing the connection between people through interactive elements in the garments. 

The inspiration comes from the limitless potential of the human brain, not artificial intelligence, highlighting the importance of human emotions and creativity. Each design in our collection is an ode to happiness, love, and hope. Through the colors, textures, and forms of the garments, we encourage wearers to live in harmony with their surroundings and find inner enlightenment. This series encourages people to live in the moment, cherishing each present moment. 

This fashion series is more than just a collection of clothing. It is an expression of a philosophy of life and a view of the universe, inviting us to reflect on our place and role in this universe."


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